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Chevrolet Aveo (Zaz Vida)

Rent Chevrolet Aveo (Zaz Vida) in Kiev

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  • Chevrolet Aveo (Zaz Vida)
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Engine capacity
Fuel consumption
7 l / 100 km

Rent price

from 26 days
18 $
11-25 days
20 $
4-10 days
25 $
1-3 days
30 $
18 $
per day
Book a car
Deposit 300 $

  • Air conditioning
  • Heated mirrors
  • Interior: fabric
  • Light sensor
  • Number of seats: 5
  • USB

Fast, agile and wonderfully responsive, the Chevrolet Aveo sedan allows you to equally quickly and comfortably ride through city intricacies, conquer high-speed freeways, and go on long-distance trips. Hiring a Chevrolet Aveo from T&D company, you are sure to get a fully equipped car — clean, fueled, and with seasonal tires.


T&D company offers favorable terms for renting a Chevrolet Aveo — one of the most popular options in the budget subcompact car class. Our rental cars, well-maintained both inside and outside, are waiting to be hired.


Renting a Chevrolet Aveo is a good deal. For the relatively small money, you will get a reliable, compact, but rather a comfortable car. The vehicle is perfect both for city driving and long-distance trips. Hiring a Chevrolet Aveo will not cost you much and the vehicle is well worth the investment.

The car’s greatest asset is its reliability. It is due to this quality that Chevrolet Aveo has grown so popular. Our company maintains the whole fleet in a good technical condition, so choosing a Chevrolet Aveo, you may be 110% sure that you will have a seamless renting experience. Do not hesitate to use the car for long-distance trips or intense driving. Renting a Chevrolet Aveo will help you do a variety of routine tasks.

Chevrolet Aveo has a nice exterior that looks quite modern. The same may be said about the interior, too. It may not be very impressive, but it is surely convenient and functional. The ergonomic parameters ensure a high level of comfort — something you will not often see on subcompact class cars. The vehicle also feels cozy inside. The controls are all at hand, you do not have to reach for them. Renting a Chevrolet Aveo from T&D is a great idea, as long as you value rationality and comfort.

Chevrolet Aveo’s small engine helps save on gas while it pumps out enough power to ensure acceleration that is rare in this segment. Fast drivers will appreciate the combination of good dynamics and a responsive transmission. Chevrolet Aveo will also appeal to those who like a smooth ride. The suspension is perfectly tuned to absorb road imperfections, which is why, in what concerns the ride comfort, the car is closer to a business-class vehicle.

Renting a Chevrolet Aveo means you are bound to have a comfortable ride around Kiev and Ukraine. Book the car right now!

  • У меня когда то был такой автомобиль, и когда пришлось взять в аренду машину в Киеве так сразу захотелось Авео. Очень четкий, руль легкий, салон ухоженный. Очень даже вместительный, представительный. Получил удовольствие от езды.

  • Chevrolet Aveo взяли в прокат для перемещения по области. Удобный и практичный автомобиль. Машинка очень удобна в городе, компактная, но не тесная.

  • Приехал в родной город, понадобилась машина для перемещения по городу. Взял шевроле, так как у меня самого такая машина раньше была. Очень понравилось состояние данного автомобиля, правда багажник мне показался маловат.

  • Брал напрокат CHEVROLET AVEO на один день из-за поломки моей машины, все понравилось, совету.!

  • Аренда шеврале AVEO оптимальный выриант для быстрых маневров по каменным джунглям города, катался две недели, как один день пролетели

  • Замовив доставку автомобіля в Бориспіль через сайт. Довелося чекати машину цілу годину, бо водій стояв у пробці. Я плачу вам гроші – невже не можна привозити машину раніше?

  • Я дуже погано розбираюся в машинах, тому коли брала авто на прокат, боялася, що обдурять. Але менеджер тнд виявився чесним і не лише допоміг підібрати зручну машину в моїй ціновій категорії, але і допоміг заощадити гроші за допомогою послуги «автомобіль без залогу». Дякую!

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Car rental conditions

Car rental conditions Chevrolet Aveo (Zaz Vida)

Client requirements

Car rental without a driver

  • Age - 21 years and older
  • No less than 2 years of driving experience

Car rental with a driver

  • No limits

Required documents

Car rental without a driver

  • INN (for the residents of Ukraine)
  • Passport
  • Driving license

Car rental with a driver

  • No limits


Car rental without a driver

Deposit depends on the car class:

  • Economy from $300
  • Middle from $400
  • Business from $700
  • Premium from $1000
  • Off-roader from $800
  • Minibuses from $1000
  • Cabrios from $800

Car rental with a driver

In case of the transfer is required, a client makes a 50% prepayment of the transfer cost.

When ordering an hourly rental with a driver, a client makes a prepayment equal to the rental price of 1 hour for the selected car (the cost of car delivery).

Delivery/return of the car

Car rental without a driver

The car is provided for rent and is accepted after it was clean with the same fuel level and in the same contents of delivery as it was rented.

Car delivery and return from rent in non-working hours, on weekends/holidays or outside our company's office is subject to additional payment according to the prices specified in the Additional Services section.


Car rental without a driver

The limitation on daily operational kilometers in our car rental is 300 km/day.

Territorial limitations. A client can drive a rented car throughout Ukraine, but for the Crimea peninsula and the ATO zone.

Daily rate implies renting a car for 24 hours; when exceeding this period by more than 1 hour, a client is obliged to pay for the next day of rental.

Car rental with a driver

When renting a car hourly, there is a limitation of minimal number of order hours for some cars.

When leaving outside Kiev, the rate is fixed for each kilometer instead of by the hour.

Territorial limitations. A client can drive a rented car throughout Ukraine, but for the Crimea peninsula and the ATO zone.

Client responsibility for the car

Car rental without a driver

The client is responsible for mechanical damage of the car within the amount of the insurance deductible only (is equal to the deposit amount).

In case of car theft or its total loss (damage > 60% of the car price), the client's responsibility amounts to 10% of the car price.

In case an Insurance Company refuses to pay insurance benefit due to the renter's fault (major violation of traffic regulation, drink driving of a rented car, etc.), the renter bears the full responsibility for the car (100% of the car cost).

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