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Rent Honda Civic in Kiev

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Engine capacity
Fuel consumption
8 l / 100 km

Rent price

from 26 days
32 $
11-25 days
36 $
4-10 days
45 $
1-3 days
55 $
32 $
per day
Book a car
Deposit 500 $

  • Air conditioning
  • Interior: fabric
  • Light sensor
  • Multifunction steering wheel
  • Number of seats: 5
  • On-board computer
  • Parktronic
  • USB

T&D company offers residents and guests of capital Kiev city to rent Honda Civic. It is extremely simple to drive such a car in a large metropolis. Honda Civic belongs to the compact city cars class, has small dimensions, high-quality engine and comfortable interior with a number of useful functions. Only here, you can rent this car on excellent conditions, including affordable prices and opportunity to have the car delivered for free within the Kiev limits. All you need to do is to call and order a car!

Honda Civic – rent in Kiev by T&D

You can contact T&D company if you need to hire Honda Civic (sedan). Honda Civic features a great design, high speed, power and reliability, which will enable you to solve all your problems in no time.

Honda Civic is usually ordered by those customers who need a simple and reliable of middle-class car at an affordable price. The main Honda Civic advantage is a spacious interior, where even a very tall driver or passenger will feel comfortable. This car is easy to drive, since it has an automatic transmission. Engine power of 150 HP enables you to speed up quickly on the road.

Advantages of renting Honda Civic are obvious

It is advisable to rent this compact but manoeuvrable car in case you are going on a long journey, since low fuel consumption enables you to save on petrol; the fuel consumption is 10/7 litres.

Renting Honda Civic is the right decision for employees on business trips or drivers who have their cars repaired. After all, a rented Honda Civic includes most of the standard functions and average dimensions. It is easy to get used to external dimensions and location of control units, which will enable you to drive it as easily as your own car.

If you doubt whether renting Honda Civic is the right choice, pay attention to the fact that the car is unpretentious and is suitable for both men and women. Seats can be adjusted so that the driver does not get tired even during long journeys. That is why renting this car is perfect for covering long distances from 10 to 300 kilometres.

A fashionable car design is another reason to rent this car in T&D company.

  • Брал Хонду Цивик в прокат в Городе Киеве, потому как мой бумер попросился на "больничный", а без машины как-бы совсем никак. При выборе хотелось авто среднего класса, да покомфортнее - по-этому решил покататься на японце ради разнообразия. Машина, конечно, впечатлила - состояние отличное, технически исправная, и дается в аренду без лишних заморочек. Очень красивый, удобный, шустрый и надежный автомобиль. Динамика автомобиля - отличная, разгоняется достаточно шустро, несмотря на не очень-уж большой объем мотора. АКПП реагирует на нажатие педали газа, практически мгновенно, при этом точно подбирая варианты перехода на пониженную передачу, в зависимости от интенсивности нажатия на педаль. Комфортабельность автомобиля на должном уровне, качество всех материалов доставляет очень приятные ощущения, а в совокупности с дизайном передней панели приборов и всей торпеды в целом машина вызывает только радостные чувства.

  • Ездили в Карпаты с семьей на такой Хонде. Не понравился маленький багажник для большой семьи не подходит. Места в салоне хватает всем. Трассу держит отлично, но только трассу. Для бездорожья сивик не предназначен.

  • Брали эту машинку на прокат в Киеве. Салон Хонды отличается просторностью. Машина имеет стильный и изящный внешний вид, который оценит даже самый требовательный эстет.

  • Брал напрокат Honda Civic на 4 дня, автомобиль ухоженный как технически так и в салоне чисто. Резвая, дорогу держит отлично. Единственный минус не для Украинских дорог — низкая .

  • абсолютно новый автомобиль, так что кто хочет покататьсь на авто в котором еще остался запах автосалона,аренда этого хендай это именно тот вариант

  • Взяла авто на прокат на свадьбу своей дочери, все прошло гладко машинка не подкачала, но маловместительная только

  • Аренда машины Хонда Сивик по такой низкой цене редкость. Оформление заняло 15 минут, как и обещали. За 3 недели никаких поломок. Высший класс!

  • Неделю назад взяла этот автомобиль на прокат посуточно на 3 дня и пробила колесо. Как оказалось, запаска у этой машины настолько плохая, что ее хватило только, чтобы доехать до СТО. За такие деньги можно было бы положить нормальную запаску, чтобы я отъездила свои 3 дня аренды без траты времени на СТО!

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Car rental conditions

Car rental conditions Honda Civic

Client requirements

Car rental without a driver

  • Age - 21 years and older
  • No less than 2 years of driving experience

Car rental with a driver

  • No limits

Required documents

Car rental without a driver

  • INN (for the residents of Ukraine)
  • Passport
  • Driving license

Car rental with a driver

  • No limits


Car rental without a driver

Deposit depends on the car class:

  • Economy from $300
  • Middle from $400
  • Business from $700
  • Premium from $1000
  • Off-roader from $800
  • Minibuses from $1000
  • Cabrios from $800

Car rental with a driver

In case of the transfer is required, a client makes a 50% prepayment of the transfer cost.

When ordering an hourly rental with a driver, a client makes a prepayment equal to the rental price of 1 hour for the selected car (the cost of car delivery).

Delivery/return of the car

Car rental without a driver

The car is provided for rent and is accepted after it was clean with the same fuel level and in the same contents of delivery as it was rented.

Car delivery and return from rent in non-working hours, on weekends/holidays or outside our company's office is subject to additional payment according to the prices specified in the Additional Services section.


Car rental without a driver

The limitation on daily operational kilometers in our car rental is 300 km/day.

Territorial limitations. A client can drive a rented car throughout Ukraine, but for the Crimea peninsula and the ATO zone.

Daily rate implies renting a car for 24 hours; when exceeding this period by more than 1 hour, a client is obliged to pay for the next day of rental.

Car rental with a driver

When renting a car hourly, there is a limitation of minimal number of order hours for some cars.

When leaving outside Kiev, the rate is fixed for each kilometer instead of by the hour.

Territorial limitations. A client can drive a rented car throughout Ukraine, but for the Crimea peninsula and the ATO zone.

Client responsibility for the car

Car rental without a driver

The client is responsible for mechanical damage of the car within the amount of the insurance deductible only (is equal to the deposit amount).

In case of car theft or its total loss (damage > 60% of the car price), the client's responsibility amounts to 10% of the car price.

In case an Insurance Company refuses to pay insurance benefit due to the renter's fault (major violation of traffic regulation, drink driving of a rented car, etc.), the renter bears the full responsibility for the car (100% of the car cost).

Public offer agreement

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