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Rent Mercedes Benz Vito in Kiev

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Engine capacity
Fuel consumption
12 l / 100 km

Rent price

from 26 days
70 $
11-25 days
90 $
4-10 days
100 $
1-3 days
120 $
70 $
per day
Book a car
Deposit 800 $
  • Air conditioning
  • Climate control
  • Interior: leather
  • Light sensor
  • Number of seats: 7
  • On-board computer
  • Parktronic
  • Rain sensor

Our company provides renting of Mercedes Benz Vito. The car rent will enable you to drive flawlessly around the city, to carry passengers and cargo, as well as to solve your problems in no time without possessing your own car. Hiring Mercedes Benz Vito is a perfect opportunity to experience the advantages of the car with an up-to-date design and a comfortable interior.


Our car rental company T&D deals in providing minibuses of Mercedes Benz Vito brand for rent in Kiev.

The four-wheeled minivan Mercedes Benz Vito is a car that has been specially designed for businessmen and family use.

A spacious cabin of Mercedes Benz Vito minibus is equipped with climate control appliances, folding tables, armchairs and beds, and can be easily transformed into a dining room, a bedroom or an office for business needs.


The total capacity of minivan Mercedes Benz Vito is 8 passengers or 1 ton of cargo, in case the car is used as a truck.

The v-type engine of Mercedes Benz Vito is a six-cylinder low-consumption diesel engine, developing the power of about 200 horsepower.

The gearbox of minivan Mercedes Benz Vito is a five-speed automatic one, which makes it even more comfortable to drive the rented minibus.

Mercedes Benz Vito is usually rented for an indefinite period of time for long-term country trips or delivery of small cargo within the city boarders.

A businessman can rent Mercedes Benz Vito in order to be able to move between business locations with the utmost comfort, speed and favorable working conditions.


  1. Without a driver – in this case, a client should provide the company with a security deposit including his passport, certificate of personal tax reference number availability and driving license;
  2. With a driver – in this case, availability of driving license doesn’t matter.

The cost of Mercedes Benz Vito rent depends on the duration of the minivan hire.

T&D Company provides the most beneficial conditions for renting Mercedes Benz Vito in Kiev.

  • Катался на Вито 3 дня по Киеву, понравилась очень. По комфорту как легковой автомобиль, только в 2 раза больше места.Очень хорошая обзорность и удобные боковые зеркала. Все исправно, не подвела не разу.

  • Аренда этого мерседеса заставила меня задуматься о покупке нового автомобиля. Управление легкое, диски новые, непоцарапанные. Салон очень ухожен. Сидение водителя комфортное и мягкое есть и радио и подстаканники. Мне понравилось!

  • Оформили прокат авто для поездки к родителям. Потому как с детьми трудно на поезде. Мерседесом вполне я доволен, ни разу не подвел в дороге, скорость набирает классно, мощный, салон широкий и вместительный багажник.

  • Зашел на сайт посмотреть по чем нынче аренда авто, фото как не странно абсолютно реальные и полностью совпадают с теми, которые представлены на сайте, но машина 2008 года так что и пробег присутствует

  • Очень удобная услуга аренда авто, месяц мы катались по всей западной Украине и впечатлений уйма и авто не подкачало

  • Решили на праздники что нужно авто с водителем. Аренда ERCEDES BENZ VITO нам на 2 семьи обошлось очень дешево, так еще и муж был рад что на природе смог полностью расслабиться и выпить под шашлык

  • Нужна была вместительная машина для торжества. Заказали прокат мерседес с водителем, все оформили в лучшем виде, без лишней волокиты. Спасибо!

  • Аренда мерседес вито выручила очень – на фирме машина поломалась, а партнеров надо было отвезти на объект и времени было впритык, поскольку люди были только один день в Киеве. Спасибо ТНД – быстро все оформили и предоставили машинку

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Car rental conditions

Car rental conditions Mercedes Benz Vito

Client requirements

Car rental without a driver

  • Age - 21 years and older
  • No less than 2 years of driving experience

Car rental with a driver

  • No limits

Required documents

Car rental without a driver

  • INN (for the residents of Ukraine)
  • Passport
  • Driving license

Car rental with a driver

  • No limits


Car rental without a driver

Deposit depends on the car class:

  • Economy from $300
  • Middle from $400
  • Business from $700
  • Premium from $1000
  • Off-roader from $800
  • Minibuses from $1000
  • Cabrios from $800

Car rental with a driver

In case of the transfer is required, a client makes a 50% prepayment of the transfer cost.

When ordering an hourly rental with a driver, a client makes a prepayment equal to the rental price of 1 hour for the selected car (the cost of car delivery).

Delivery/return of the car

Car rental without a driver

The car is provided for rent and is accepted after it was clean with the same fuel level and in the same contents of delivery as it was rented.

Car delivery and return from rent in non-working hours, on weekends/holidays or outside our company's office is subject to additional payment according to the prices specified in the Additional Services section.


Car rental without a driver

The limitation on daily operational kilometers in our car rental is 300 km/day.

Territorial limitations. A client can drive a rented car throughout Ukraine, but for the Crimea peninsula and the ATO zone.

Daily rate implies renting a car for 24 hours; when exceeding this period by more than 1 hour, a client is obliged to pay for the next day of rental.

Car rental with a driver

When renting a car hourly, there is a limitation of minimal number of order hours for some cars.

When leaving outside Kiev, the rate is fixed for each kilometer instead of by the hour.

Territorial limitations. A client can drive a rented car throughout Ukraine, but for the Crimea peninsula and the ATO zone.

Client responsibility for the car

Car rental without a driver

The client is responsible for mechanical damage of the car within the amount of the insurance deductible only (is equal to the deposit amount).

In case of car theft or its total loss (damage > 60% of the car price), the client's responsibility amounts to 10% of the car price.

In case an Insurance Company refuses to pay insurance benefit due to the renter's fault (major violation of traffic regulation, drink driving of a rented car, etc.), the renter bears the full responsibility for the car (100% of the car cost).

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