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Toyota Rav 4

Rent Toyota Rav 4 in Kiev

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Engine capacity
Fuel consumption
10 l / 100 km

Rent price

from 26 days
50 $
11-25 days
60 $
4-10 days
70 $
1-3 days
80 $
50 $
per day
Book a car
Deposit 800 $

  • Climate control
  • Cruise control
  • Interior: fabric
  • Multimedia
  • Number of seats: 5
  • Rear View Camera
  • Sunroof

Toyota Rav 4 Rental

Toyota Rav 4 offers a comfortably decorated interior and unique design. This is a vehicle for comfortable long trips, as well as for moving within the city. In a modern metropolis, it is difficult to do without a personal car, even if you are here only for a short stay. Public transport is exhausting and you have to adapt to its schedule. Therefore, nowadays it is recommended for guests and residents to use a car rental service and rent Toyota Rav 4.

By renting a car, you will get the following advantages:

  • an opportunity to move freely around the city;
  • will be able to organize excursions and other family trips;
  • will get a vehicle for transporting business partners;
  • a test-drive of a car you plan to purchase;
  • a cost-effective temporary replacement of a personal vehicle being under repair;
  • a car requires no service and maintenance with a guarantee of its serviceability, reliability, and safety;
  • mobility in any situation, ability to replace a broken personal car quickly.

What does Take & Drive car rental company offer?

TND car rental company offers a wide selection of vehicles that can be rented for any time period. The company’s model lineup is huge, which makes it possible for everyone to choose a suitable option. The cars’ technical condition meets the highest operational and safety standards as well as it corresponds to potential clients’ requirements.

Take and Drive rental company offers cars for long trips, country vacations, business meetings, significant dates, friends’ parties. Toyota cars are perfect for any purposes.

Stages of execution of car rental Toyota Rav 4:

  • Provide a passport or any other document of identification.
  • Show a driver’s license.
  • Then, you should conclude a rental agreement, which determines timescale, cost and other details of the service.
  • Process a payment (by cash, by credit card or using any other convenient method).
  • Receive a comfortable car to your disposal.

You can rent a car with a driver as well. We employ highly qualified and punctual drivers who can perfectly cope with any tasks set. The company’s competent staff will consult on car rental conditions, price, and other details.

  • Хороший, практичный внедорожник, вместительный и за небольшую цену аренды. Высокий клиренс, вместительный багажник, кондиционер отлично охлаждает. Toyota Rav 4 идеально подошел нам с семьей для отдыха на природе. Одинаково хорошо управляется как по трассе, так и на грунтовой дороге. За содержание в таком состоянии 5+.

  • Просто нет слов от аренды этого авто. Внешнее состояние идеальное при езде на нем очень переживал, чтобы нигде ничего не царапнуть. Хотя клиренс этого авто позволил мне не боятся ни бордюр в городе, ни ямок на природе. Выбирая авто для поездки за город, хотелось получить авто с красивым внешним видом, в меру экономичное, надежное и умное для помощи в дороге, комфортное и вместительное для семьи из четырех человек с вещами. Toyota Rav 4, как по мне, подошло абсолютно по всем параметрам. Особо понравилось надежно ухоженное техническое состояние авто.

  • Часто по своей работе приходится брать авто на прокат. По каждой машине, исходя из собственного опыта, есть про что рассказать. Toyota Rav 4 безусловно выдержано в фирменном стиле действующей линейки тойотовских авто. Ничего такого сногсшибательного, но и ничего такого уродского. Все ровненько, красивенько и лаконично. Есть некая консервативность, но это всяко лучше чем глупая аляповатость многих современных авто. Интерьер, производители следуя своему стилю, попытались сделать все кнопки управления максимально небросающимися в глаза и мне это очень понравилось. Особо в этом авто понравился двигатель 2.5 - да может быть расход по городу и больше, чем хотелось, но сила отдачи его при движении просто великолепна.

  • Аренда Тойоты принесла только удовольствие. Мега надежная и не прихотливая машина с огромным потенциалом и не убиваемой ходовой с отличным клиренсом! Огромный багажник, что очень удобно

  • Друг посоветовал эту тойоту.Очень надежная, крепкая, мощная. На трассе ей нету равных, дорогу держит отлично. Советую!

  • Нужен был прокат авто в Киеве, выбрал себе Toyota Rav 4 очень даже не плохо. Все понравилось, на дроге очень крут, только вот мне кажется кожаного салона не хватает.

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Car rental conditions

Car rental conditions Toyota Rav 4

Client requirements

Car rental without a driver

  • Age - 21 years and older
  • No less than 2 years of driving experience

Car rental with a driver

  • No limits

Required documents

Car rental without a driver

  • INN (for the residents of Ukraine)
  • Passport
  • Driving license

Car rental with a driver

  • No limits


Car rental without a driver

Deposit depends on the car class:

  • Economy from $300
  • Middle from $400
  • Business from $700
  • Premium from $1000
  • Off-roader from $800
  • Minibuses from $1000
  • Cabrios from $800

Car rental with a driver

In case of the transfer is required, a client makes a 50% prepayment of the transfer cost.

When ordering an hourly rental with a driver, a client makes a prepayment equal to the rental price of 1 hour for the selected car (the cost of car delivery).

Delivery/return of the car

Car rental without a driver

The car is provided for rent and is accepted after it was clean with the same fuel level and in the same contents of delivery as it was rented.

Car delivery and return from rent in non-working hours, on weekends/holidays or outside our company's office is subject to additional payment according to the prices specified in the Additional Services section.


Car rental without a driver

The limitation on daily operational kilometers in our car rental is 300 km/day.

Territorial limitations. A client can drive a rented car throughout Ukraine, but for the Crimea peninsula and the ATO zone.

Daily rate implies renting a car for 24 hours; when exceeding this period by more than 1 hour, a client is obliged to pay for the next day of rental.

Car rental with a driver

When renting a car hourly, there is a limitation of minimal number of order hours for some cars.

When leaving outside Kiev, the rate is fixed for each kilometer instead of by the hour.

Territorial limitations. A client can drive a rented car throughout Ukraine, but for the Crimea peninsula and the ATO zone.

Client responsibility for the car

Car rental without a driver

The client is responsible for mechanical damage of the car within the amount of the insurance deductible only (is equal to the deposit amount).

In case of car theft or its total loss (damage > 60% of the car price), the client's responsibility amounts to 10% of the car price.

In case an Insurance Company refuses to pay insurance benefit due to the renter's fault (major violation of traffic regulation, drink driving of a rented car, etc.), the renter bears the full responsibility for the car (100% of the car cost).

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