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T&D Car Rental: Economy Class Cars

Having a car means, first of all, freedom. Freedom to move around, to plan your time. A car allows you to go to far-flung areas of the city in one day and accomplish all tasks that life has set for you. This feeling of freedom is very familiar to car owners. But what if you don’t have a car? Or you have to leave it on a service station for a few days? Well, you can’t postpone your life. Then you should rent a car on our website.

Enjoy the Advantages of Renting a Car

There are a lot of advantages of renting a car:

  • if you need to move around a lot, you will save a lot of money, as hiring a car for one day is cheaper than several taxi rides;
  • you can choose a car that is both highly fuel-efficient and comfortable in use;
  • all cars are well-maintained and regularly serviced;
  • all cars are insured, so there is no need to buy or renew insurance;
  • you can rent either a self-drive or a chauffeur-driven car.

For those who only plan to buy a car, hiring a self-drive car is a perfect way to test a particular model. You will “feel” the car, see how it behaves in various situations on the road, judge its fuel efficiency, and decide what features may be saved on.

T&D Economy Cars: A Smart Choice

No one will argue that a good car should be modern, comfortable and elegant. But its technical characteristics are what really matters. Often economy class cars little differ from models that are more expensive. Meanwhile they have a cheaper rent price. These cars are compact, easy to park, and fuel-efficient, which offers another great opportunity to save money. Renting an economy car is especially appropriate if you go on a business trip without your own car. In this case, you will be more concerned about getting things done quickly rather than the prestige brand.  However, cheap does not mean you can’t use all the features of rental service. You can rent an economy car with extra options such as a child seat, a GPS navigation system, and a Wi-Fi router.

How to Easily Get Your Car

Renting an economy class car is quite easy. All you need is to contact a T&D Car Rental’s manager and present the following documents:

  • passport;
  • TIN Certificate;
  • driving license.

As you can see, booking a car and signing a car rental contract on favorable terms with us requires a minimum package of documents. You can book a car on our website, too. Just fill out the form under the photo and brief description of the car. Then come to our office with the necessary documents and take your car. If you have just arrived in our capital city today, we can deliver your car straight to the airport. Therefore, from the first minute you could enjoy the convenience of moving around in your habitual manner. The duration of your rent is up to you. Cars may be rented on a per-day or long-term basis. You can use the hired car to drive in Kiev or travel around Ukraine. Renting an excellent car in a perfect technical condition with a full package of documents and ready-made insurance is cheap and easy. Just give us a call or fill out the website form and at the indicated time your car will be waiting for you.  

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Rental conditions

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