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T&D Car Rental: Middle Class Cars

T&D Car Rental offers favorable terms for car hire. Our car fleet includes vehicles of various brands, so every customer can pick a car to taste. You can rent a car for an affordable price and with a minimum package of documents. The rental period is from one day to one month and more. Car rental services offer a variety of advantages:

  • a wide range of cars with a choice of classes and technical specifications;
  • all rental vehicles are regularly serviced and handed over to clients in a perfect technical condition;
  • all rental cars are insured;
  • hiring a car is often cheaper than renting a car with a chauffeur.


There are a lot of reasons for hiring a car. You don’t see no point in buying a car of your own when you only need it from time to time. Or you are planning to buy your own car and looking for an opportunity to comfortably test-drive a chosen model. Maybe you just can’t imagine your life without a car but yours is under repair. Or you are on a business trip and it is very important for you to keep mobility. T&D Car Rental offers for rent cars of various classes. Middle-class cars are always in high demand, as they provide a perfect combination of high quality and low rental prices. Middle-class car is comfortable and safe both in city-driving and during road trips. It is good for business trips, family trips with kids (do not forget to order a child seat!) and many other occasions. Obviously, middle-class cars unlikely boast expensive leather interior trimming or larger trunk space. However, they offer a number of other advantages:

  • minimum fuel consumption combined with excellent performance specifications;
  • a wide range of features that improve the level of comfort, e.g., a GPS navigation system to optimize your routes;
  • reliability;
  • agility in city traffic;
  • versatility;
  • no restrictions during ride
  • profitability in exploitation;
  • low rental fee.

T&D car fleet includes vehicles from popular brands such as VOLKSWAGEN, FORD, MINI, HYUNDAI, TOYOTA, HONDA, etc. The fleet of middle-class cars is constantly growing. You can choose among a hatchback, a sedan, and a station wagon. All the cars can comfortably seat 4 to 5 people and have trunk space.

Easy and Favorable Rental Terms at T&D

T&D Car Rental company offers good middle-class cars for rent on the most favorable terms. To book a car online, go to our website. In the “Middle Class” section, you will see photos and brief technical specifications of our rental cars. Fill out the form under the car description. and wait for our manager to contact you. To rent a car, you need a passport, a TIN certificate and a driving license. You can hire a car either on a per-day or long-term basis. You can drive on a rental car around Kiev or the whole Ukraine. Please bear in mind that each car model has a daily distance limit specified in the contract. After signing the contract and paying the deposit fee, you can pick up your car from T&D parking in Kiev. Also, on demand it can be delivered to the location you pick. You can rent a self-drive car if you are at least 21 years old and have a driving license for two years minimum. If you can not drive, there is an option of a chauffeured car. T&D Car Rental is an affordable car hiring service in Kiev. The best, low-cost and perfectly maintained middle-class cars are waiting for you.

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Rental conditions

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