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T&D Car Rental: Affordable Luxury with Premium Cars

“The perfection itself” — these words may be used to describe any premium class car. Those who strive for perfection, but, for some reason, cannot afford it on a regular basis, are welcome to use T&D Car Rental services. Our company offers the best cars for favorable prices, both for one-day and long-term rentals. Car rental services are becoming increasingly popular today, as they help solve a variety of issues. Car rentals prove useful:

  • providing habitual mobility when your own car is under repair;
  • if you want to conduct a thorough test of a car model you are planning to buy;
  • on a business trip;
  • for some celebration or festive event.

How to Easily Try the Benefits of a Premium Car

SELF-DRIVE RENTALS of premium cars may have other reasons, too. One of them is trying to impress a person who means much to you. Imagine a young man in love who wants to propose in a romantic environment. Wouldn’t it be impressive if the potential spouse came to pick his special lady up in a VIP car? Then, you may need to hire a luxury car for a wedding. A prestigious elegant car will help brighten the event and make it truly memorable. In this case, CHAUFFEURED CARS are most helpful, so everyone could enjoy the special day to the fullest. Birthdays, jubilees, festive family events, like taking your wife and a newborn baby home from a maternity clinic, are all good reasons to rent a prestigious  foreign-produced car from T&D. For special events, you can also hire a cortege that includes a luxury car. Premium car rentals are especially popular among businessmen. Meeting business partners at the airport or railway station and transferring them to the city in a luxury car is a matter of status and prestige. People who come to the city on a business trip often rent luxury cars. Obviously, there is no point in driving your own premium car along roads whose quality leaves much to be desired. Especially when you can safely reach your destination by train or plane, and then rent a luxury car to maintain your regular level of comfort. That is why guests of the capital are interested in renting high-end cars, and Kiev has everything to fulfil this need. A luxury car is, first and foremost, a high-technology car — safe, reliable and fast. Besides, it provides maximum comfort for the driver and passengers. With a car like this, you are sure to benefit from all modern technology features. As for design, it is also up to the highest standards. These cars look simply gorgeous. The interior trim often includes expensive natural materials, such as leather and rare types of wood and metals. Expensive, elegantly understated and stylish — this is how these VIP cars may be described in a nutshell. Premium cars typically include a GPS navigation system: in case this feature does not come standard, you can order it (as well as a Wi-Fi router) as an extra option.

Comfortable Premium Car Rental with T&D

In Kiev, premium car rental service is offered by T&D Car Rental. To rent a self-drive premium car, you need to present the following minimum package of documents: your passport, TIN certificate and driving license. To rent a chauffeured car, you do not need a driving license. You can book a car on our website, by phone, or right in our office. After signing the contract, you will receive your vehicle — in a clean and technically impeccable state. All our rental cars are insured. You can pick up your car in person or have it delivered to a location of your choosing. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of riding in a luxury car! With a car like this, Kiev will become a comfortable place to be. All you need to make this happen is contact T&D.  

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