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T&D Car Rental: Off-Road SUVs for Favorable Prices

Power, reliability, and safety — these are the first things that come to mind when you hear of off-roaders. T&D Car Rental offers for hire SUVs of the most respectable brands. Whether it is MERCEDES or VOLKSWAGEN, TOYOTA or SUBARU, or maybe even the luxurious PORSCHE CAYENNE, — the cars are waiting for you. You typically want to rent a car when your own vehicle is under repair. Practical-minded buyers also see hiring a car as a special way of test-driving a particular model that helps make the purchase decision. Car rental proves very helpful for festive events involving many people, when personal transportation is not enough for everyone. A business or leisure trip to another city will also be a better experience if you ride in a comfortable car.

The Advantages of Renting an Off-Roader

Surely, off-road cars are special vehicles. A larger interior space with one or two rows of passenger seats, a roomier trunk, and, more importantly, an all-wheel (4х4) drive system, a cruise-control system, high clearance and wider tires make these cars irreplaceable when driving on challenging roads. Moreover, the vehicles do not need roads at all — they can ride through absolutely roadless terrain — effortlessly, and at a high speed.  An all-wheel drive car can easily get through every obstacle and ride on mountain roads as if it was a highway. Motorists even joke that an off-roader is a car that can get stuck in areas that other cars simply cannot reach. Whether it is fishing or hunting, a family trip to the mountains or the seaside — an off-roader will allow you to enjoy your comfort and safety. But is it worth it buying a powerful vehicle just to take a few trips a year? Doesn’t it make more sense to hire an off-roader for the time you need it? There is also the issue of winter road conditions. Unfortunately, public utilities do not always promptly react to weather abnormalities, and until they clean the roads, you will have a tough ride fighting your way through snow drifts. If you do not want to challenge your own, not accustomed to our realities, car, leave it in the garage. Renting an off-road SUV will help you stay mobile in rough times and preserve your own car in perfect technical condition. One more reason to rent an off-roader is a big festive event. No doubt, a SUV from a famous brand will brighten a wedding cortege and add a note of solemnity to a ceremony. While typically people hire self-drive cars, for such occasions, a chauffeured SUV is preferable — this choice will make sure all guests can enjoy themselves to the fullest. Since it is possible to rent an off-roader for just one day, any experienced motorist can get the feel of driving like a real pro behind the wheel of this remarkably safe and powerful, but, at the same time, comfortable and responsive car.

Renting an Off-Roader with T&D

T&D company gives you an opportunity to feel like the owner of a cool off-roader by renting one. With a vehicle that does not know what impassibility is, you will be able to freely drive in Kiev and the whole of Ukraine. The versatile car proves to be useful in the city, too. It is comfortable, easy to handle, and equally stable on both city and country dirt roads. Hiring a SUV is no more difficult than renting a plain compact car. Visit our website to see the car models we offer for rent. Once you choose a car, book it by filling out the form under the description. You may also give us a call and have a T&D Car Rental manager answer all your questions and prepare the rental contract for you. To formalize the rent, you need to have only three documents:

  • passport;
  • TIN certificate;
  • driving license.

The minimum package of documents is enough to get behind the wheel of these wonderful cars. To hire a chauffeured vehicle, you do not even need a driving license. You can rent a car for a few hours only but hiring on a long-term basis will allow you to both enjoy the ride longer and save on the rental cost. All our off-roaders are insured, regularly serviced and boast perfect technical condition. Call T&D or visit us in person. Hiring a SUV will only take you a few minutes.

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Rental conditions

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