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Toyota Camry 70

Rent Toyota Camry 70 in Kiev

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Engine capacity
Fuel consumption
12 l / 100 km
With a deposit
from 26 days
50 $
11-25 days
60 $
4-10 days
70 $
1-3 days
80 $
Book a car Deposit 800$
  • Climate control
  • Cruise control
  • Heated mirrors
  • Heated seats
  • Interior: fabric
  • Light sensor
  • Multifunction steering wheel
  • Multimedia
  • Number of seats: 5
  • On-board computer
  • Rear View Camera
  • USB

To rent Toyota Camry 70 in T&D is to make the right choice. The car design amazes with a modern exterior that contains some kind of aggression combined with gravitas. The interior of Toyota Camry 70 is peculiar for its imposing appearance and comfort that will make you really pleased and turn the driving of this car into a real joy.


T&D is a car hire company. By requesting the service, a client will get a clean and reliable car Toyota Camry 70 in good repair. Affordable prices, rental upon optimal terms and discounts for a long-term hiring of the car.


The company offers Toyota Camry for rent. The car features a laconically rigid business-class design, comfortable interior and an increased number of additional functions. This modern sedan is a perfect choice for organizing business meetings, complementing an image of a high achiever, who has good taste and knows which car businesspeople prefer.


  • A powerful 2.5 liter engine promotes the quick acceleration of the car.
  • Automatic transmission of Toyota Camry 70 makes switching between speed modes easier.
  • The car runs on petrol with fuel consumption not exceeding nine liters per 100 km.
  • Due to soft suspension, the car moves smoothly.

Rental of Toyota Camry 70 is an opportunity to get for temporary use the car that has been designed to be comfortable. The heated seats, climate control equipment and leather interior will make your trip as comfortable as possible. A distinctive car interior design separates the inner space into a driver’s and passengers’ areas. A person driving Toyota Camry 70 receives maximum complete information about the situation through an on-board computer. At the same time, nothing disturbs people on the passenger seats and they enjoy a trip.

By choosing to rent Toyota Camry 70, a client will get a car that is perfectly suitable for driving in the city. A silent, powerful, reliable and capacious vehicle is ideally suitable for business and entertainment.

Rental of Toyota Camry 70 is a freedom of travel, high status is the eyes of others and an opportunity to cut down expenses since car hire in T&D is cheaper than in competitive companies.

  • Взял эту Тойоту для проката по совету зятя, скажу вам знает толк в машинах. Она действительно классная. Комфортный автомобиль, вместительный, представительный. Получил удовольствие от езды. Проблем не возникало.

  • Мне нужен был авто на выходных, взял себе в прокате Toyota Camry. Довольно экономная, не особо шустрая, но конечно куда по городу гонять.

  • Я вот брал Toyota Camry для себя. Мнение о ней только положительное. Машина свежая, не заезженная, технически исправленая. Машина нигде не стопорнула, не заглохла, никаких проблем с ней не возникло. Высший класс.

  • Тайота камри показала себя превосходно на трассе Киев-Львов, домчался на одном дыхании, рекомендую всем кому нужен и важен комфорт в дороге

  • TOYOTA CAMRY 70 это сочетание космического дизайна и агрессивности, влюбился в эту машину за ее экстерьер, отлично поработали дизайнеры

  • Часто беру в аренду машину. Из любимчиков как раз тойота кемри, поэтому ее я и взял. Машина ухоженная, заглянул под капот – все исправно, заправлено. В пути – зверь. Одно не устроило – слишком много условий, чтобы взять машину на прокат.

  • Срочно нужна была машинка для поездки в Николаев. Заказал онлайн сразу на 4-х сайтах и первым позвонил именно ТНД, спустя буквально минуту. Безупречный сервис! Что касается машинки – здесь тоже все устроило. Советую данный автопрокат!

  • коли в серпні взяв цю мащину в оренду, вона коштувала значно дешевше. зараз же ціна дуже висока, але довелося брати, бо машина вже перевірена мною, зручна, не хотілося ризикувати.
    Мінус: ціна прокату авто.

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Car rental conditions

Car rental conditions Toyota Camry 70

Client requirements

Car rental without a driver

  • Age - 21 years and older
  • No less than 2 years of driving experience

Car rental with a driver

  • No limits

Required documents

Car rental without a driver

  • INN (for the residents of Ukraine)
  • Passport
  • Driving license

Car rental with a driver

  • No limits


Car rental without a driver

Deposit depends on the car class:

  • Economy from $300
  • Middle from $400
  • Business from $700
  • Premium from $1000
  • Off-roader from $800
  • Minibuses from $1000
  • Cabrios from $800

Car rental with a driver

In case of the transfer is required, a client makes a 50% prepayment of the transfer cost.

When ordering an hourly rental with a driver, a client makes a prepayment equal to the rental price of 1 hour for the selected car (the cost of car delivery).

Delivery/return of the car

Car rental without a driver

The car is provided for rent and is accepted after it was clean with the same fuel level and in the same contents of delivery as it was rented.

Car delivery and return from rent in non-working hours, on weekends/holidays or outside our company's office is subject to additional payment according to the prices specified in the Additional Services section.


Car rental without a driver

The limitation on daily operational kilometers in our car rental is 300 km/day.

Territorial limitations. A client can drive a rented car throughout Ukraine, but for the Crimea peninsula and the ATO zone.

Daily rate implies renting a car for 24 hours; when exceeding this period by more than 1 hour, a client is obliged to pay for the next day of rental.

Car rental with a driver

When renting a car hourly, there is a limitation of minimal number of order hours for some cars.

When leaving outside Kiev, the rate is fixed for each kilometer instead of by the hour.

Territorial limitations. A client can drive a rented car throughout Ukraine, but for the Crimea peninsula and the ATO zone.

Client responsibility for the car

Car rental without a driver

The client is responsible for mechanical damage of the car within the amount of the insurance deductible only (is equal to the deposit amount).

In case of car theft or its total loss (damage > 60% of the car price), the client's responsibility amounts to 10% of the car price.

In case an Insurance Company refuses to pay insurance benefit due to the renter's fault (major violation of traffic regulation, drink driving of a rented car, etc.), the renter bears the full responsibility for the car (100% of the car cost).

Public offer agreement

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