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T&D Car Rental: Business Class Cars

Car rental services become increasingly popular in Kiev. T&D Car Rental company offers for rent cars of various classes — from economy to executive. Business class cars are hired by both: business officials and private persons. If you need a car for a short period only, it is best to rent it. Renting a car means you can benefit from all the advantages of the vehicle without the necessity to maintain, service and insure it. After the rental contract is signed, customer gets a clean, tidy, well-maintained, regularly serviced and insured car in a perfect technical condition. Paying for a car rental means paying for mobility and freedom of movement, while you can also significantly save on the most precious thing — time.

Renting a Respectable Car

Regardless of the class, the reasons for hiring a car are the same. Most often people rent cars when they:

  • do not have a vehicle of their own, but need to move around a lot;
  • need a substitute while their own car is under a serious repair;
  • want to test a car model they are planning to buy;
  • go to another city without their own car.

Renting a business class car may have other reasons, too. For example, your own vehicle is a low-cost “trusty beast”, and you need to meet an important guest. Oftentimes, the need arises in companies who prefer to save on everyday expenses but want to run meetings with business partners on a high level. Hiring a VIP car will help you maintain the image of a solid businessman and raise your status in the eyes of business partners and clients. Are you hosting special guests and planing to show them around the city? For a comfortable ride, you may rent a business class car. A trip like this will be a truly memorable experience for both: you and your visitors. Festive occasions and weddings require a special approach. For such events, you will not only need a respectable and beautiful car, but also a chauffeured one. This will ensure all guests and relatives enjoy the feast not playing the driver role. In all the above-mentioned cases, business class cars prove to be especially useful. They provide a high level of comfort and include climate-control, seat-heating, and perfect sound insulation. Expensive interior trimming, and ergonomic, soft, and very convenient leather seats make the cars more comfortable. Business class cars are also roomier inside and have a large trunk space. On top of this, these vehicles boast better technical characteristics, reliability and safety. For still better experience, you can order extra options, such as a GPS navigation system, a WI-FI router, a child seat, etc. Hiring an executive car allows to get a respectable, elegant and extremely comfortable vehicle of the required size for a reasonable price.

Easy Car Rental with T&D

T&D Car Rental company offers business class cars in Kiev on favorable terms. To rent a self-drive car, you need a minimum package that includes:

  • passport;
  • TIN certificate;
  • driving license.

You can see our fleet of rental cars on our website. To book a car, fill out the request form online, and wait for our manager to contact you. Cars may be hired both on a per-day or long-term basis. After you sign the contract and pay the deposit fee, you may pick up your car or order to have it delivered to any location in Kiev. It only takes one call and a minimum package of documents to quickly get a well-maintained, prestigious car of your choice and start driving it. T&D is waiting for this call.  

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Rental conditions

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